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Boud Van Rompay is the founder and CEO of Hydrex and sister company Subsea Industries. 

Hydrex has been a world leader in underwater repair and maintenance technology since 1974. Subsea Industries was founded in 1983 with a simple and clear goal: clean rivers, seas and oceans.

Subsea Industries began with designing and producing a line of high quality, effective underwater hull and propeller cleaning equipment designed to cover every underwater cleaning need.  But it soon became obvious that cleaning the hulls of ships coated with toxic paint was simply adding to the already existing pollution of the sediment and that what was needed was a hull coating system that was completely non-toxic. 

Boud has always been deeply involved in research, innovation and development. He has registered at least 65 patents in the areas of underwater repair, hull coatings, hull cleaning, contained dredging, tidal turbines and other environmental and water-related subjects.

In 2022, Boud founded Hydrex Research Center in order to coordinate and pursue further research. This research includes work with engineering students at TU Delft.

Worldwide underwater maintenance and repair services to the shipping and the offshore industry.

Durable, sustainable underwater coating and cleaning systems for permanent protection and top performance

Practical and useful research and consultancy for organizations on subjects connected with the environment, water and sustainability